What you get

Pan African digital postal services

The Pan African Postal Union is pleased to offer all African designated postal operators with a new generation of registered digital postal services available immediately, under a pay-per-use business model.

Provided as a service, it does not require any investments from the postal operator in terms of hardware, software, licences, maintenance, communications, datacentre, platform or systems operation, training or other fees.

No hardware, software or licences

No hardware, software or licences to be deployed at electronic messages senders or receivers; they can keep using their existing mobile phones, email accounts, systems and web browsers, guaranteeing universal reach and inclusion.

Proof of Delivery

With Postal Operator branded platform and automatically generated postal operator branded, admissible proof of delivery.

Proof of Delivery sample

A fast, affordable enabler towards an inclusive, digital, single postal territory in Africa.

If you can´t prove it, it does not exist

A basic legal and commercial premise positioning postal operators as the natural witnesses for electronic communications.

A wide portfolio of registered electronic communication services will enable any postal operator to immediately provide registered electronic notifications, eStatements, eDocuments, eContracts & Agreements, eInvoices, Digital PO Boxes and much more.

Admissible evidence

Public and private organizations, have focused most of their efforts on digitalisation processes. However, they cannot provide absolute certainty of electronic delivery. Simple logs or forwarded emails are usually not admisible as a commercial or legal evidence.

As with paper-based registered post, postal operators now can provide documentary evidence of registered electronic communications delivery. Within seconds.

Lleida.net and Pan-African Postal Union: a winning bet

Come on board

Pan-African Postal Union leading the world with new digital postal services available to all African postal operators.


Review PAPU framework Agreement.


Sign adherence to framework agreement.


Discuss & Sign Statements of Work/Project Plan.


Launch services!

No joining or other upfront fees to be paid; sign Contract of Adherence, appoint your project team members, and go life with your new services within 4 to 8 weeks.

Go-to-market includes business plan & promotional activities by postal operator, and training / workshops by Lleida.net or its partners to postal operator.

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