The Pan African Postal Union and its partners (BME: LLN, EPA: ALLLN; OTCQX: LLEIF) and eGate Egypt successfully concluded agreements with Postal Operators from 5 African countries to provide Digital Postal Services through Registered Electronic Communications technology to serve their citizens, businesses and Governments.

15th September 2021

Last week-end, in the framework of the 27th Congress of the Universal Postal Union, and during a session organized by the Pan African Postal Union hosted by its Secretary General Mr Younouss Djibrine, and the Universal Postal Union General Manager Mr Bashir Hussein, the DigitalPost.Africa initiative, sponsored by the PAPU/UPAP, Lleida,net and eGate Egypt, for promoting Digital Postal Services Digitalization, completed the adherence of its first 5 participating Postal Operators: Gambia, Madagascar, Djibouti, Guinea and Ivory Coast.

Under this initiative and a Protocol entered by the PAPU/UPAP with and eGate Egypt, all African Postal Operators have access to Digital Postal Services, allowing them to provide Registered Email, Registered SMS and Registered Electronic Statements in their countries, as a convenient digital evolution of their Registered Post Mail Services.

Citizens, Businesses and Governments will now enjoy the possibility to send Registered Email, SMS and other electronic messages and documents through their Postal Operator, obtaining immediate, admissible proof of delivery issued by their Post Office.

With no specific technical requirements for senders or receivers, Postal Operators are taking one more step into Africa Digitalization, while enhancing their commitments to universal reach and affordability of their services to all citizens.

Postal Operators adhering to the PAPU/UPAP Agreement, have no upfront or ongoing costs of infrastructure, communications, deployment or any other ongoing costs for offering these services, implemented under a pure “pay-per-use/revenue share” business model and service infrastructure and operation is provided by

“Registered Electronic Messages will quickly take Postal Operators to the next level of services digitalization, no matter if via email, web or Registered pervasive SMS messages in Africa, boosting inclusion of citizens and businesses thanks to their Post Office” (Younouss Djibrine, PAPU Secretzry General).

After these initial Postal operators, many more are expected to join the DigitalPost.Africa initiative in the coming few weeks, what will mean a giant’s leap into Africa Digitalization for Citizens, Businesses and Governments.

Initial services will be available in the market in less than 8 weeks.