News, with its Strategic Partner eGate Egypt, and the Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU) enter an MoU for the deployment of Digital Postal Services for all Postal Operators in Africa

1st September 2021

Arusha (Tanzania), Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Cairo (Egypt), 5th July, 2021.- The Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU-UPAP), the institution created in 1,980 by the African Union, whose objective is to coordinate all activities aimed at developing postal services in the African continent, and the Spanish Trust Services Provider, (MAB LLN, Euronext Growth ALLLN) and its Strategic Partner eGate Egypt, have entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the deployment of technology "Digital Postal Services", making them available to all Postal Operators in Africa.

Postal services organizations are these days struggling to maintain their "mission and mandates" as postal services providers with "universal reach" in their countries, remain as a "valid witness" for registered deliveries not only in the "paper world", but also in the "Digital world", and "achieve self-sustainability" in an increasing digital life environment, where paper communications are mostly gone, increased Ecommerce-related parcel deliveries experience great competition from private couriers who are not subject to the same universal reach and social function for their communities, and consumer financial activities are quickly moving towards mobile money.

In such a "digital communications trend environment", where people and organizations are making intensive use of Mobile Phones and SMS messaging (especially in Africa) and Email, public and private organizations need "absolute, undisputable certainty and legal admissibility of the deliveries and contents" of their Electronic Communications, provided by a fully trusted, legally admissible "witness", similarly to the role played by Postal Services with their paper-based Registered Post Mail.

"We realized we could help Postal Services to provide, in a digital world, the value they were used to provide in the paper-based communications, play the critical infrastructure role they deserve for their countries, and enable new sources of revenue and profitability in the new Digital Economy; all kind of organizations in Africa will now be capable to continue to use their "digital communications", using their existing Email, SMS and other applications and systems and, at the same time, get those messages and documents 'attested by the Post Office' who will certify the Sender, Receiver, Time sent, Time Received and all Contents transmitted... all Registered and Certified by the usual, legally accepted 'witness' in a Country: the National Post Office".

"The Pan-African Postal Union has the vision of implementing a single postal territory for the development of the postal sector in Africa, and these new Digital Postal Services will quickly allow to foster inclusive socio-economic development for African Governments and their Citizens with immediate availability of Registered Digital Deliveries, enabling a fast Digital engagement of all African communities, making the postal sector become an essential component of the digital and socio-economic inclusion and Governments Digitalization, and developing a regional Universal Service Model".

With approx. 1'4 billion citizens, Africa is home to 650 million mobile phones and 525 million Internet users. 500 million active mobile money accounts make Africa the leading mobile money market all over the World (approx. 50% World market share) with 25+ billion USD in mobile-based digital financial transactions of all kind: cash-in/cash-out, invoices payments, salary payments, insurance policies, micro-loans, remittances, humanitarian organizations funds transfers and many other. This positions the "mobile phone" and "SMS" as a perfect path to financial and digitalization inclusion at all levels and in all Public and Private Services for any kind of transaction requiring legal admissibility, what is one of the unique differentiators of services and patents; these "assets" represent a great, quick opportunity for Africa Digitalization.

These new Digital Postal Services will also make Governments, Private Entities, Non-Government and humanitarian organizations and citizens' businesses and life easier, through faster legally admissible procedures, notifications, contracts, application for services and many other actions that, so far, had to be performed "in person" or "on paper", or were simply "not accessible for many citizens" due to the lack of required internet communications or devices, and now will be safely and securely performed through either Registered SMS messages, Registered Email or Registered Web access systems".

With current mobile phone penetration and mobile internet penetration trends in Africa, the Pan-African Postal Union, and eGate, are now contributing to "propel" the adoption and utilization of digital systems, what is directly linked to economic growth, as per multiple World Bank reports, and will generate a significant social and commercial impact, facilitate Government to Citizen interaction, improve their livelihoods, explore opportunities outside of their home or immediate community, access essential services, and play productive roles in Africa's economy and society, creating short and long term value for citizens, Government institutions and private sector businesses.

The MoU between the Pan African Postal Union, and eGate, follows direct and indirect agreements of with national Postal Services Organizations, including those with 472 (Colombia Postal Service), Botswana Post, South African Post, Malawi Posts and Emirates Post, demonstrating that is a solid company, with leading-edge technology, who will continue to provide immediate value to its clients, shareholders and strategic partners, and clearly capable to add value to, among other segments, Postal Services around the World as a way to improve Governments, Businesses and Peoples' life.

All African Postal Operators can now "adhere" to the signed MoU, and immediately implement their own branded Digital Postal Services in their countries.

Younouss Djibrine, Pan-African Postal Union Secretary General, mentioned that "Providing a reliable, registered notifications, communications and contracting service that equally supports Email and SMS, SmartPhones and Feature-Phones, 2G/3G/4G connectivity, Computers and mobile phones based Registered, Legally Admissible messages, means we are strongly contributing to our communities' current modernization and evolution, to a faster adoption of both current and future country infrastructures for our Society Digitalization, and helping our people in any location in our continent, as per our Universal Reach responsibility, to take a big leap in their interaction with public and private services from their mobile phones or other devices... all enabled by the African Postal Operators".

On its side, Essam Elshagi, CEO of eGate Egypt, said that "with eGate Strategic approach and experience in the sector and region, the three Partners will contribute with their guidance, technology and expertise to make this initiative a successful beginning of a massively digitalized Africa, in the Postal Sector and all other sectors where Postal Operators will now be able to greatly contribute"

The new initiative will be hosted under the "easy to remember" web site, with participating African Postal Operators being part of it.


Younouss Djibrine
Essam Elshagi, CEO of eGate Egypt